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I'm doing texture maps for 3D model mesh. I need to expand edges of image in a way image data itself is replicated creating border/frame.

How in Adobe Photoshop to repeat edge pixels for texture atlas create? How to expand edges of image in Adobe Photoshop? How to extend only outer pixels of image?

My task is to prepare an image for die-cutting, but I can't scale die-cut path because important parts of image would be missing then.

I have seen pixel-based images where someone had extended just outer pixels to accomplish this. On straight edges you could use a one pixel wide selection and scale it until it fits your needs, but how make this on irregular shapes?

How I can to repeating outer pixels in Adobe Photoshop program? How to make outward pixels in Photoshop? How to repeat edge pixels in Photoshop?

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This effect create filter "Minimum" when applying it for blank area of certain layer.


  • Expand object should are on separate layer.
  • It is necessary to apply the filter to the selected empty area of the layer.

In most easy case algorithm looks like this:

  1. Select blank area of layer.
  2. Menu > Filter > Other > Minimum. Play with values for increase or decrease border.

How to fast select blank area of layer? For this select all layer objects by left mouse click + Ctrl on its miniature/icon in layer list, and farther apply operation Inverse selection (go to: Menu > Select > Inverse, or hotkey Shift + Ctrl + I, or right mouse click on canvas and in context menu select "Select inverse" option).

Many people add in this algorithm additional actions for reach best effect.

  1. Select blank area of layer.
  2. Menu > Select > Modify > Expand (1-2 pixels).
  3. Menu > Filter > Other > Minimum (play with the values).

Or so:

  1. Make selection of image area you want to bleed.
  2. Make separate layer of selection (you can merge back later).
  3. Menu > Select > Modify > Contract (3 pixels or so is ok).
  4. Menu > Select > Modify > Feather (1-3 pixels ok, but depends on bleeding required).
  5. Menu > Select > Inverse.
  6. Menu > Filter > Other > Minimum. (Adjust pixels using preview to taste).

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