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Do I need CPU with SSE 4.1 to run Corona Renderer? How I can use Corona Renderer without SSE 4.1?

Corona Renderer without SSE

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Up to Corona Renderer 1.7 - no, you can also use a processor without SSE 4.1 and Corona Renderer will run Legacy version which is about 10-20% slower.

From Corona Renderer 2 onward, the legacy version will no longer be offered, and you will need a CPU that supports the SSE4.1 instruction set (that is, any processor from within the last 10 years).

From Corona Renderer 3 onward, the Licensing Server and the DR Server will no longer support CPUs without the SSE4.1 instruction set and are now 64-bit only applications (they will not run on 32-bit versions of OS MS Windows).

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