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How I can to change frames per second (FPS)/frame rate in 3D editor Maxon Cinema 4D?

How to change frame rate in Cinema4D?

change frame rate cinema 4d
change fps cinema 4d

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FPS of what? In Cinema 4D there 3 different FPS settings - FPS of project, FPS of animation and FPS of render.

  • For changing FPS of project: press Ctrl + D to call Project info in lower right settings area, go to tab Project settings, use field FPS.
  • For changing FPS of animation: press on button "Set playback rate to Project settings" on right from all buttons on bottom animation tools bar, and choose needed FPS of the proposed.
  • For changing FPS of render: go to Main menu > item "Render" > item "Edit render settings...", or press on button "Edit render settings..." on top tools bar, or press Ctrl + B to call "Render settings" window, then "Output" left menu item, use "Frame rate" field.

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