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I need index access to array/container of type std::vector, and therefore I must check if an index is already available. How I can to check existence a certain index/key in std::vector array in C++ program language?

check if a given index exists in std::vector
c++ vector check if index exists

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You can do it something like this:

if (position >= testVector.size()) {
	testVector.resize(position + 1);
testVector[position] = value;

Function for it:

void setVector(int position, int value) {
	if (position < testVector.size()) {
		testVector[position] = value;
	} else {

You should really make the int position the testVector's size_type.

You can use std::vector::at who throw an exception if you don't have anything at this index.

The function automatically checks whether n is within the bounds of valid elements in the vector, throwing an out_of_range exception if it is not, i.e., if n is greater or equal than its size. This is in contrast with member operator [], that does not check against bounds.

And since you get a reference on the object at the given index, you can change/delete the value.

Realization of function via try-catch construction:

void setVector(int position, int value) {
	try { = value;
	} catch (const std::out_of_range& oor) {
		testVector.resize(position + 1);
		testVector[position] = value;

Use iterator. First get an iterator for your vector by using:

std::vector<int>::iterator it;
it = myvector.begin();
for (it = myvector.begin(); it < myvector.end(); it++)
	 std::cout << ' ' << *it;

Using this iterator you can traverse all elements and perform respective operation like remove element.


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