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I want create own big 3D video/computer game. Where to begin? What choose? Game engine, game library, graphics engine, programming language, graphics API? What better?

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All depends by from what you want begin (a starting basis of your game), from your skills, experience and desire to learn new things. You can begin write own game engine from absolutley zero, can use different game or graphics libraryes, or can use already complete solution in form of an game engine.

List of possible ways and solutions for create own computer game, sorted by complexity, from easy to difficult:

  1. Game engine (e.g., Unreal, Unity, Cryengine, Godot, Lumberyard, etc).
  2. Game engine, what provided without GUI SDK and represents simple as IDE project (e.g., id Tech, qFusion, DarkPlaces, etc). Typically, this is a version with a free license of a commercial engine, or fork from it.
  3. Game library (e.g., SDL, SFML, etc).
  4. Graphics engine (e.g., Ogre, Irrlicht, etc).
  5. Graphics API (e.g., Vulkan, OpenGL, DirectX, etc).

All items below a first suppose necessary many programming on any programming language directly in code editor (IDE).

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