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How I can to update Blender software to current version? I now/currently have old version of Blender. How do I update Blender to latest version? I do not see any links in the UI to update my version of Blender. How to get automatic updates for Blender?

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There is no automatic update feature inside Blender. But getting the latest version is very simple - just go to the download page of Blender official site, download and install latest version.

Another easy method is to click "Blender Website" under the "links" section on the application splash screen.


From some time Blender are in Valve Steam. You can install Blender via Steam, which has a built in auto-update feature. This should keep your Blender up to date automatically when Steam worked. I.e. you can to get automatic updates for Blender throug Steam.


If you have installed Blender using Snap packages on a Linux machine.

To install using Snap you can use the following command on terminal:

sudo snap install blender --classic

Note: We need to have 'snapd' package already installed.
And, to update Blender using Snap you can you the following command:

sudo snap update blender --classic


If you're on a Mac and using Homebrew you can install/update Blender via terminal:


brew cask install blender


brew cask upgrade blender

Upgrade (all casks):

brew cask upgrade

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