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Do in foobar2000 (fb2k) has a memory play feature that loads files into RAM prior to playback? Is this a default enabled feature or is it an option that needs to be activated for use? I couldn't seem to find any settings for this. How to enable this function in audio player foobar2000? Me need playing music only from RAM for reduces number of HDD reads. How to do this in foobar2000? How I can to enable play from RAM in foobar2000 software?

foobar2000 ram play
foobar memory play

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Yes, in foobar2000 (fb2k) have inbuild feature for playing from RAM, but it disable default. For playing from RAM in foobar2000 need go to: Main menu > File > Preferences > Advanced > Playback, and set "Full file buffering up to" to whatever maximum file size you wish to be buffered completely to RAM. I.e. you need set value for option "Full file buffering up to". Notice, value there need specify in kb (kilobytes). I remind, what 1 megabyte = 1000 kilobytes, i.e. for, e.g., 10 megabytes need specify 10000 kilobytes, 20 mb = 20000 kb, etc.

Also for this you can install different components (modules, plugins, addons). E.g., component "RAM-Disk".

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