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How I can to get full information about certain user in MySQL DBMS?

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In DBMS MySQL all users storages in system table "user". Use next sql query for getting information about user:

select * from user where user = 'user_name';

You will get something like this:

Host: localhost
User: user_name
Select_priv: N
Insert_priv: N
Update_priv: N
Delete_priv: N
Create_priv: N
Drop_priv: N
Reload_priv: N
Shutdown_priv: N
Process_priv: N
File_priv: N
Grant_priv: N
References_priv: N
Index_priv: N
Alter_priv: N
Show_db_priv: N
Super_priv: N
Create_tmp_table_priv: N
Lock_tables_priv: N
Execute_priv: N
Repl_slave_priv: N
Repl_client_priv: N
Create_view_priv: N
Show_view_priv: N
Create_routine_priv: N
Alter_routine_priv: N
Create_user_priv: N
Event_priv: N
Trigger_priv: N
Create_tablespace_priv: N
max_questions: 0
max_updates: 0
max_connections: 0
max_user_connections: 0
plugin: mysql_native_password
authentication_string: *F4FCGTTWTDD27BDLJETS2SEBT2B
password_expired: N
password_last_changed: 2010-11-05 21:53:04
password_lifetime: NULL
account_locked: N

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