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I can't select the bones through the mesh for some reason, even when I make the mesh selectable. How do I manage to click them, is there an Xray selection option somewhere?

Me need select bones through mesh in Maxon Cinema 4D 3d editor software. How I can to select only bones?

cinema 4d select only bones

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In Main menu > Select > Selection filter turn off polygon and probably subdivision surface (if your rigged mesh is under the effect of one), or uncheck all besides "Joint".

Way most people do this with characters is to lock the mesh object entirely, seeing as you're moving it with controllers anyway. If you're at the rigging phase it's almost necessary to lock the mesh off from selection until weight painting.

To do this, select the whole hierarchy of the meshes you want to lock off, add them to a new layer, and then in the layers window check the little lock icon. It helps to keep a note too, lord knows how many times i've gone potty trying to edit something I can't find or select, only to find locked layers later on. (this is true of photoshop and illustrator and a lot of software) Thankfully MAXON deigned appropriate to make the objects greyed out in the OM once they're in a locked layer, and a little lock icon on the layer next to it.

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