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Me need import bvh files into 3ds Max. How to properly import BVH motion format for existing biped character in a Autodesk 3ds Max software?

importing bvh files into 3ds max
bvh in 3ds max

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In 3ds Max bvh files work only with biped (plugin).
Go to: Main menu > Create > Systems > Biped. Or Command panel > Create tab > Systems item > Biped button. When you create biped object in scene select all him bones and go to: Command panel > Motion tab > Parameters button > Motion capture dropdown > "Load motion capture file" button. In "Import" window choose value "BVH" in "Files of type" field and pick needed bvh file, press "Open" button. BVH file must be prepare special for 3ds Max.

This is the only way to import bvh file to 3ds Max without added plugins.

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