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I often work in Windows command line (cmd.exe). Unlike other windows, it doesn't maximize, it just goes a big as it can depending on the buffer size. Is there any way I can get the CMD to act like PuTTY console window, flowing with the resize? How I can do full screen mode for command line (CMD) window in Microsoft Windows OS? How to expand command line (CMD) window to full screen?

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There are several ways to do CMD window full screen mode:

Set uping window size in CMD properties

  1. Open command line (CMD) window.
  2. Right click on titlebar (window name) and in context menu choose "Properties" item.
  3. In "Layout" tab, in "Screen buffer size" group change from 80 to a number that will fit your screen width. E.g., 160-180.
  4. Maximize window and see if appears an horizontal scroll bar at bottom or if there are more space on the right. If so repeat step 3 using other widths.
  5. In "Layout" tab, copy width value from "Screen buffer size" group to "Windows size" group. Height will be locked to the maximum allowed.

Now always CMD window will opening with this size, i.e. current window size are saved. If you want, for some reason, maintain original size of CMD window, create a link (or a lot of links) for CMD with different size. E.g., on desktop you can create two shortcuts for CMD. One is a shortut for "CMD" named "CMD original". Other is a shortcut for full screen CMD named "CMD big", with those sizes for fullscreen.

Using wmic and resize CMD window by using mouse

Open CMD as administrator. For this, type "cmd" in the start search box, right click on the CMD shortcut and in context menu select "Run as administrator". Type "wmic" in the command prompt and hit Enter. Maximize the window by using mouse cursor. Now CMD window will occupy whole screen, but after restart this state don't save and you have to do all anew.

Creating bat file and add it to registry

You can make the cmd fullscreen follow way:

Launch the CMD and write following code:

mode 800

Now you can make it fullscreen by pull menubar to top of the screen or resize it, to whatever size you want.

If you want, that this is set by default, do following:

Open any text editor and write follow code:

@Echo Off
mode 800

Save file and change file extension to ".cmd" or ".bat". Need put this file in autostart. To put it in autostart for all users, do following:

Go to the registry by entering "regedit.exe" in the Windows searchfield. Go to the following path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor

Optional: If you want to do it just for the actual user, go to the following path:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor

Here add a key from type "REG-SZ" with the name "Autorun" and put path of the script in the data-section of the key. Also you have to change value of value. Rightclick on the key and in context menu choose edit. Set the value to the path, where your script located.

Now everytime you now launch OS, cmd.exe will be able to do fullscreen mode.

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