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How to I can turn off page header in CMS Joomla on my site?
joomla turn off page-header

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The solution is next, go to:

  1. administrator site section (/administrator URL),
  2. main menu (top line on admin page),
  3. item "Menus" (3th item from left),
  4. item "Main Menu" (with house icon),
  5. item "Home" (1st item),
  6. tab "Page Display",
  7. option "Show Page Heading",
  8. switch to position "No",
  9. Click on “Save”.

or this way:

  1. Click on the “Menus” menu and select “Main Menu”.
  2. Click on the menu item that represents your home page (usually “Home” or something similar)
  3. On the right side, click on “Page Display Options”
  4. Set “Show Page Heading” to “No”
  5. Click on “Save”

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