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How I can specify a unicode character by code (such as "4FF0") using QString datatype in Qt framework for C++ programming language? Any idea how to do this?

I tried QString s("\u4FF0");, but it only outputs a question mark.

It works that way, but is there a more direct way?

std::wstring str = L"\u4FF07";
QString s = QString::fromStdWString(str));

How to get Unicode symbol for QString?

qstring unicode symbol
qt string unicode char

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If by direct you mean using a Unicode code point value, then QChar may be it:

QString s = QChar(0x4FF0);

Apparently '\u' only works with UTF-8:

QString s = QString::fromUtf8("\u4FF0");

Or with that at the start of your main function:

QString s("\u4FF0");

As a direct pointer, try QString(QChar(0x4FF0));
You need to ensure you have the correct UTF-16 encoding.

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