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Me need import database dump in HeidiSQL program. How I can to import database dump in HeidiSQL DBMS manager? I use MySQL DBMS. How to import a MySQL database using HeidiSQL?

heidisql import sql
import db in heidisql
heidisql import dump

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In HeidiSQL this doing easy. To import a database from a .sql dump file using HeidiSQL do next:

  1. Connect to your database.
  2. Select your database, and then from the "Tools" menu, select "Load SQL file..." or press hot keys "Ctrl + O".
  3. This will open window "Open file(s)".
  4. Choose all your sql files of dump and press button "Open".
  5. If did shoosen only one sql file then program do load text of your .sql file into query area of top tab "Query". To proceed with the import, click the "Run" option.
    If did shoosen several sql files then program do offer import dump witout load text data into query area of top tab "Query". If you agree, then program make import, else need press "Run" option for every sql question.

You should now see your database populated with tables and data.


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