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How I can to work with wchar_t data type in C++?

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No way. Work with std::wstring and then convert std::wstring to const wchar_t* with help c_str() method of std::wstring when this necessary. For convert other (predominantly numeric) types in std::wstring use std::to_wstring() methods.


int foo = 5;
double bar = 15.25;
float cnt = 124.532f;
std::wstring some = L"some";
std::wstring txt = L"text";
std::wstring tot = some + L" " + txt + L" " + std::to_wstring(foo) + L" " + std::to_wstring(bar) + L" " + std::to_wstring(cnt);
const wchar_t* full = tot.c_str();

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