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How I can to add file to favorites or bookmarks to save it for quick access or just lock tab with favorite file in Notepad++ text editor?

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In Notepad++ does not come with favorites, bookmarks or something like this for quick file access. For this you need use third-party favorite and bookmarks plugins like this:

  • Explorer
  • NppFavorites by heldersepu

All this favorite plugins you can easily find and install via built-in Plugin manager in Notepad++ in the following way: Main menu → Plugins → Plugins admin (or Plugins manager) → find and choose (turn checkbox near) needed plugin and press "Install" button → agree on restart program.

But be careful. After install any plugins Notepad++ may stop starting. In it case just delete catalog of installed earlier plugin (with all files) from Notepad++ plugins directory (default in Windows it: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\").

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