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How I can to insert a new row or column between exists rows or columns with automatically move/displacement rest rows or columns in OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet program?

How I can to move all rows or columns from certain position for allocate clear place for insert (add between exists rows or columns) new row or column in OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet software application?

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For this you need select whole row or column where you want insert new row or column, to rest rows or columns move since this place, and click right mouse button on selected to call context menu, and select "Insert cells…" item.
For select whole row or column just click on header of row or column, or press hotkeys Shift+Space for select row Shift+Ctrl+Space for select column.

You also can don't select whole row or column, but then after select "Insert cells…" item appear "Insert cells" window with 4 radio buttons for different actions (move cells to bottom, move cells to right, whole row, whole column), where you will need choose wish action and press "Ok" button. In this way you can insert and move not only whole row or column, but and separate cells.

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