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How I can to increase category list area on post edit page in dashboard (admin panel) in WordPress CMS to more categories fit on one screen?

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For this, you need to edit styles of dashboard something like this:

In file "wp-admin/css/edit.min.css":

.categorydiv div.tabs-panel, .customlinkdiv div.tabs-panel, .posttypediv div.tabs-panel, .taxonomydiv div.tabs-panel, .wp-tab-panel { max-height: 500px; /* change value from 200px on 500px */ font-size: 12px; /* add */ } ul.categorychecklist li { line-height:22px; /* delete */ }

In file "wp-admin/css/forms-rtl.min.css":

input[type=checkbox],input[type=radio]{ height:12px; /* change value from 16px on 12px */ width:12px; /* change value from 16px on 12px */ min-width:16px; /* delete */ }

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