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How I can to turn off clipping borders of output frame size (safe frames) in viewport in Autodesk 3ds Max program?

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For this, go to: needed viewport → Viewport label menu in left top angle → 2nd item with view name (e.g., perspective) → Show safe frames item; or just press shortcut Shift+F.

Listed all ways to do it:

  1. Keyboard → press Shift+F shortcut.
  2. Needed viewport → Viewport label menu → 2nd item with view name → Show safe frames item.
  3. Pass by any from these ways to open Viewport Configuration window:
    • Main menu → Views item → Viewport Configuration item
    • Needed viewport → Viewport label (looks like plus sign in square brackets – "[+]") → Viewport label menu → Configure Viewports item
    • Scene menu → Configure Views → Viewport Configuration item
    …and next go to: Safe Frames tab → Application group → Show Safe Frames in active view checkbox.

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