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The styles indicate one font available in the OS and available to the browser, but some other font is displayed, it is not clear which one. The specified font is available. It is not the next available specified font that is displayed, and not the default font in the browser, but some other, completely unclear where it came from, font. What to do? How to fix it?

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Obviously, one of the fonts available in the OS mistakenly replaces the specified available font. This replacement font is either incorrect or intentionally malicious. We need to find this problematic font, which is actually displayed instead of the specified font, and remove it. The font actually used for display in Chromium family browsers is listed here: Developer Tools panel → Elements tab → select a block with text → Computed tab (or on the Styles tab use the Computed styles sidebar button) → bottom header Rendered fonts. It also says where this font is taken from, i.e. it represents a local or network resource. If it is local, then you need to remove it from the OS. After that, restarting the browser and clearing the site cache is required.

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