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How I can to mirror plane on texture in Unwrap UVW modifier in Autodesk 3ds Max software?

3ds max mirror plane unwrap uvw
unwrap uvw mirror
3ds max uvw map mirror flip horizontal vertical

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Apply "Unwrap UVW" modifier on model, select needed model polygons and open "Edit UVWs" window so: "Unwrap UVW" modifier properties on bottom of "Modify" tab > "Edit UVs" scroll > "Open UV Editor..." button.

For do mirror selected polygons do any of the actions below:

  • Go to: "Edit UVWs" window > Main toolbar (aka Main tools panel) in window top under Main menu > "Mirror selected subobjects" last button or subotuns of it button. Or:
  • Go to: "Edit UVWs" window > Main menu > "Tools" item > "Mirror horizontal" and "Mirror vertical" items. Or:
  • Press shortcuts/hotkeys Alt + Shift + Ctrl + N for "Horizontal mirror" and Alt + Shift + Ctrl + M for "Vertical mirror".

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