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I need to use F2 key for rename operation in Total Commander file manager. But, F2 does not work for file renaming in Total Commander! How to be and what to do? How I can to configure F2 key for rename function in Total Commander software?

In old version of Total Commander, I had an operation to change file name on F2 hotkey/shortcut, but in new version of TC this is not. How to set up F2 key in Total Commander to rename file system items (directories and files)? How do I set up F2 to rename?

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To rename by F2, you need to manually configure assignment of program hotkeys. By default in Total Commander hotkeys/shortcut Shift+F6 are used for rename operation.

To set up hotkeys, namely F2 for renaming action in Total Commander, do following:

  1. Main menu ⇒ Preferences ⇒ Configuration ⇒ Misc.
  2. In "Redefine hotkeys" choose F2 key, then click on magnify glass to the right from Command field and choose "cm_RenameOnly" (without quotes) from list (you can type part of command name to filter items). You can also find "cm_RenameOnly" in the File Operations category. Click OK button.
  3. Click green check mark button to the right from magnify glass button.

After performed actions, pressing the F2 key will call specified command – rename.

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