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When I create a project in WebStorm IDE, a folder called ".idea" gets created. Is it okay if I delete it? Will it affect my project?

what is .idea directory
from where come directory .idea

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When you use JetBrains IntelliJ IDE, all project-specific settings for it project are stored in ".idea" folder. I.e., it contains your local IntelliJ IDE configs:

Project settings are stored with each specific project as a set of xml files under the .idea folder. If you specify the default project settings, these settings will be automatically used for each newly created project.

There is no problem in deleting this. It's not only the WebStorm IDE creating this file, but also PhpStorm and all other of JetBrains' IDEs.

As of year 2020, JetBrains suggests to commit the .idea folder.

The JetBrains IDEs (webstorm, intellij, android studio, pycharm, clion, etc) automatically add that folder to your git repository (if there's one).

Inside the folder .idea, has been already created a .gitignore, updated by the IDE itself to avoid to commit user related settings that may contains privacy/password data.

It is safe to delete it but if your project is from GitLab or GitHub then you will see a warning. I recommend adding this folder to your ".gitignore" file:

# intellij configs

I.e., if you are using git or some version control system, you might want to set this folder "ignore". Example for git: add this directory to ".gitignore". This way, the application is not IDE-specific.

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