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In Blender model has did open without smooth shading and I need to apply smoothing again. I need Blender version of 3ds Max tool Smoothing groups, or analogue of Cinema 4D Phong Tag. Tell me terminology for smooth shading and how to do in Blender. In Blender at all do have smooth shading? How I can to apply smooth shading for model in Blender software?

How I can to smooth model without modification polygon mesh in 3D editor Blender, i.e. apply smooth shade for object without changing topology?

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blender smoothing groups
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In Blender for smooth shading have Shade Smooth display mode, and Shade Flat display mode for standard/usual hard shading.

Until v.2.80 (v.2.79 inclusive):

  • In Object Mode go to: Tool shelf ⇒ Tools ⇒ Edit ⇒ Shading ⇒ Smooth. Or Object tools shelf ⇒ Shading ⇒ Smooth.
  • In Edit Mode go to: Tool shelf ⇒ Shading/UVs ⇒ Shading ⇒ Smooth.

Since v.2.80:

  • In Object Mode select model on scene, right mouse click and in context menu choose Shade Smooth.

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