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I need to use the operation of renaming only the file name without its extension in the file manager Total Commander. Those I want to change only their names when renaming files, and leave extensions (formats) the same / unchanged. But the file rename operation does not work separately for a name without an extension in Total Commander! How to configure the function of renaming only the name in Total Commander without affecting the extension? How to select only the name without the extension when renaming to Total Commander?

  • total commander rename file name only
  • total commander name selection without extension when renaming
  • total commander rename name without extension

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It option you can enable here: Main menu → Preferences → Configuration → Operation → group "Main program" → select checkbox "Select only the file name when renaming (not the extension)".

Also, to select only the file name without the extension when renaming, you can use the same hotkey that is used to invoke the rename operation. If you press the hotkey again to call the file rename function, i.e. repeatedly press the standard combination of renaming Shift+F6 (or any other combination or button that is configured for this, for example, popular for renaming F2), then the file name will be highlighted in turn, together with the extension and without it, i.e. only the file name.

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