Here we write essentially without excess "water", for which no one has time.


If you ask a question, then go straight to its essence, without an introduction and other things in the style of: "Hello!", "Guys, help.", "Tell me, please!", "Very important!", "I will be very grateful if you help.", "Please help with this question.", "Who knows?", "Please anyone tell me", "Thanks.", "Pls help. Thx in advance.", etc.


If you decide to answer, then proceed immediately to the answer to the question. Try not to write an introduction in the style, e.g.,: "There are answers in the search engine for the query 'query', but if someone is too lazy to look there, then I will write here."

Links are not needed.


Comments on questions and answers are also written only on the essence of the topic. No need to write everything in the style of: “Thank you,” “Thank you,” “Thank you very much,” “Helped out,” etc.

All messages not related to the topic are regarded as a flood and are deleted.